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On Balance™:

We warrant that our On Balance™ products to be free of manufacturing defects or defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 10 years.  This warranty does not extend to damage, in our sole discretion, resulting from misuse, neglect, unreasonable use, overloading the scale, dropping or otherwise shocking the scale, improper service or calibration, normal wear and tear, accident, or failure to use the product it’s intended purpose.

Additionally, we will not service any products that are returned with any foreign substance present.  Any received in this condition will be destroyed and disposed of immediately and no compensation will be given.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, our scales are not waterproof and therefore exposing your scale to liquid is considered misuse and no compensation will be given in the event signs of water damage are present.  The only exception to this is our two IP65 rated wash-down scales, the MARINE and WAVE.  On the MARINE and WAVE models only, you may expose the scales to water and the warranty is limited to a 3 year period.