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Don’t be caught out with excess luggage fees this summer

Don’t be caught out with excess luggage this summer

Despite concerns that flight travel might be reduced this summer due to the political situation, a recent article by Holiday Extras said that more people have booked flights abroad than last year.  As cost is high up in people’s minds, one charge that holiday-makers can do without is extra luggage fees for overweight suitcases.  Surprisingly, a survey by Money Saving Expert showed that as many as 30% of Brits end up having to pay an excess baggage charge.

Over-weight baggage fees can soon add up

With some airlines charging significant amounts for excess baggage, it is worth investing in light-weight digital luggage scales that you can use both before you set up off on your trip and on the return leg, should you have hit the stores whilst on holiday.

More and more airlines are using luggage as an additional revenue stream, particularly the budget airlines.  Be sure to check when booking if the ticket price includes a checked-in case for the hold and if so, note what weight of luggage is allowed.  All airlines tend to have different weight limits.  Many of us may have hefted a heavy hand luggage case around the airport to avoid checking in a bag, but this can add to the stress of travel on the day.  It’s worth checking-in your luggage in if you can.

DIY methods to weigh luggage before a holiday

If you don’t have a luggage scale, it is possible to weigh your cases yourself.  The most common approach is to use a bathroom scale and check your own weight then get back on the scale with the case.  However, this is not completely accurate and should you wish to squeeze one more item in your case, it is recommended to use a more precise measure.  The last thing you need when you are trying to get organised and ready to set off on holiday is to be precariously balancing a heavy case and yourself on a bathroom scale! 

Digital luggage scales help you travel to the airport with confidence

Good quality luggage scales are a great investment pre-holidays and will save you money in the long run.  You can use them to check your bags before leaving for the airport, meaning a much calmer check-in process.  It also allows you to take any extra heavy items out at home if needed.  Digital luggage scales are light-weight and can be packed in the suitcase to use for the return journey.  Even if the bags should be lighter after a successful holiday with sun lotion used up, trinkets, gifts and mementos to bring home can soon start to add up again.  The great thing about having a good quality luggage scale is also that you can use it again and again as part of your pre-holiday routine.

Why choose our luggage scales?

We have been making and selling digital scales for over 30 years.  The XS On-Balance luggage scale can weigh up to 50kg and has a large easy-to-read LCD. The strap allows you to clip on your suitcase and weigh it easily before travelling and is compact and light so you can pop it in your case for the return journey.

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