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Here are some suggestions and advice on what action to take if your mini scale has ceased to function properly. The manufacturer’s warranty is covered for 10 years however there are certain exclusions. Before returning the scale and spending money on postage please go through the following points:


Check whether the scale needs new batteries and if so replace them. Be careful to properly insert the batteries in the correct manner.

Calibration and Surrounding Environment

The scales are calibrated by the factory before shipment but after travelling around the world they may need recalibration as per the manufacturers’ guidelines. Gravity is not the same all over the world. Also, scales are sensitive to drafts and vibration. The above factors mean that the more sensitive the scale, the more it may need recalibration.

Abuse or Lack of Care

If the scale has lacked TLC, has a broken platform, has lost its battery cover, has dents or cigarette burns, has batteries that have been allowed to leak, is rusty having been immersed in water; these are not the fault of the manufacturer and are not covered by warranty.


If the scale is contaminated with unknown substances which could be illegal or hazardous it must not be returned. It is illegal for us to handle it. Any scales arriving this way will be disposed of immediately and no replacement will be offered.


Your scale has a maximum capacity and should never be overloaded. If you know that it has been seriously overloaded, e.g. it has been sat on, this is again not the manufacturer’s responsibility.


Check the sales receipt to confirm that the scale in question came from us and check the date to ensure that it is less than ten years old.

    If you still have problems with your scale after checking all the above points, please call us at +44 (0) 1628 819406 or email us at for further support.